Saturday, January 1, 2011

'Ashoka The Hero' Bollywood Movie

Some quick details :
(May be incomplete but I posted as much I knew about it)

Release Date:
January 7, 2011 Language: Hindi Genre: Animation Producer: Gyanendra JainCo-producers: Rahul Merchant, Palak Jain, Gautam jain Director: Gaurav Jain Singers: Shivani Kashyap Lyricist: Rekha Nigam Music Director: Justin, Uday Writer: Gaurav Jain

My description of the movie: Ashoka the Hero is a movie about a small boy whose father, a policeman, was killed while catching hold of a robbery. Ashoka was very young at that time and he didn't remember the incident.

But this doesn't deters little Ashoka to become as brave as his father. Soon his bravery was spotted by 'Masa'. Masa is none other than the son of famous historical figure emporeror Ashoka.

Masa hands over a magic madallion to little Ashoka. The magic madallion is greatly powered from the energies of the sun. Then he instructs him to save the city from anything happening bad.

The story turns around how the boy saves the city and people from bad events and becomes a hero. Animation is good to Indian standards. Both younger and older ones will enjoy the movie

Conclusion: Kids must watch this movie. Not suggested to watch in cinema halls.

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