Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to send free SMS through internet

My friends always ask me how do I send them free SMS. So I thought to share the idea. Here is how I do.

Sending free SMS 'es is very easy. There are various sites offering free SMS through their website. But they usually offer limited number of SMS or the user can't send messeges until he/she doesn't gets any reply from his/her friend.

To outcome this issue you need to sign up to a large number of websites offering free SMS. You can also send two free SMS 'es daily from Yahoo messenger or Rediff bol. If your friend replies you can even send more free SMS 'es. If they don't reply you can still send two free messages every 24 hours. If you don't send too much SMS'es then you should use these two messenger. But if you have to send too many messages then sign up to several websites offering free SMS service and send multiple SMS 'es for free in a single day.

Here is list of websites offering free SMS 'es :







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