Saturday, January 8, 2011


I really don't understand what kind of person Kapil Sibal is ? He says there is no scam in 2G spectrum allocation. Can you believe this ? Even a school going kid will tell you that 2G scam is the biggest scam in the history of India. But Kapil Sibal who also happens to be our education minister feels otherwise.

If he is so careless and dumb then why be a HRD minister ? Its obvious that he is also a puppet in the hands of most powerful lady of this country. Politics is really getting very dirty.

Well if our Prime minister is so inactive to see whats happening then what to expect from his ministers. Sibal is following the path that other congressis have been following. Sibal seems to be more faithful to sonia than the country. I wonder how people of Delhi elected him. Are we not responsible for this scam if we elect these corrupt politicians ?

Delhi happens to be capital of India where people are most educated and have more access to information than we have. Still they make such mistakes in electing a right politician. So what could we expect from other parts of the country ?

Sibal is considered to be among smartest guy in UPA. So he has been handed over the telecom department after Raja. And he is going well with the aspiration of party high command. He has now started making new propaganda that there wasn't any scam. Which obviously no one will believe.

But why he said so ? Because this propaganda will later on affect the judgement. Also UPA supporters happen to believe in their propaganda easily so they can save their vote bank. This can be proved by the fact that propaganda made by AR Antulay during 26/11 worked. Muslims feel that 26/11 was done by RSS which ofcourse is not true. Still muslims want to believe this and they get support from these congressis for vote bank.

As a matter of fact Kapil Sibal is no better than Digvijay singh or Raja. All are same. If you support anything wrong then you are wrong. Country needs to be aware of these congressis. They are looting us.

I demand him to be removed from his ministry. Atleast from HRD minstery as he is no good. He has only done woes on the name of reforming education system in India. Also serving two ministries at the same time is no good. He is not good for even single.

Just pray that this man also doesn't scams you like Raja. He has already started showing his true colors.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Reality of Maoists and their Supporters

Those who know maoists know very well what they really want. Even Maoists say this openly that they want to change the Indian Democracy by 2050. They want to rule our country. They want to establish a dictatorship in India just like China. They want to sack our rights and implement their violent, inhuman and bloody ideology. Whole country understands this fact. Still our so-called intellectuals can't understand this or they don't want to understand.

These great intellectuals of our country compare them with freedom fighters. Maoists or Naxals often compare themselves with Bhagat Singh. Which I totally disagree. Bhagat Singh was not killing his own people. While these Maoists are killing our own people. In there so-called freedom fight they blow up trains, buses, schools, etc. Who is killed in all these ? We the common people. In almost all of their blasts innocent people are killed. They never appear to kill corrupt politicians. However, they carry on raging wars on our democracy citing examples of these corrupt politicians. Why don't they kill them then ? Why always they kill innocent people ?

This also proves something that they are actually weak to touch 'big bosses' of our country. Had they really cared for poor peoples especially tribals they shouldn't have shut down their schools. They don't let a single Govt. School run in their areas. They don't let any govt. scheme reach to the poor people. And then they blame that Govt. doesn't do anything for them, thats why they are fighting.

Maoists and their supporters make propaganda against our country and destabilize us. Ironically, media and human right activists supports them. I don't know how these people recognize themselves as human right activists by supporting these maoists, who never care for human rights. I wonder how these activists start protesting when any maoist or their supporter is killed or jailed, but they never protest when innocent people are killed by maoists. Latest issue is of Dr. Binayak Sen who has been sentenced for life term by a local court in Raipur, Chattisgarh. Have they ever protested when maoists blewed up trains or buses ? Still they call themselves HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVISTS. Infact they start justifying these killings by making propagandas. Like Arundhati Roy did in 26/11 case.

People like Arundhati Roy and possibly Dr. Binayak Sen have no real issue in hand. They just want to make propaganda and show themselves as real messiah of poor people and then come to power and rule. They just want to get name, fame and money. These people get money to make propaganda against our country by foreign countries. China is helping maoists. Why ? Maoists who want to fight for our poor people of India has joined hands with Islamic terrorist groups. If they really care for this country and its people then why do they try to destabilize this country ? Reason is simple these people want to kill our rights and freedom. They want to establish a country like china where you are killed for asking your rights. You are shot dead for every single mistake you do and media won't report that cuz there press freedom is not like in a democratic country like India. Had Dr. Binayak Sen in china he wouldn't have been allowed to appeal against his verdict. And media and his supporters wouldn't have been allowed to make nuisance all over the country. They are able to do all these senseless protests and 'halla' cuz ours is a fully democractic country. Every body has freedom to speak whether he is right or wrong. And these 'fools' want to kill this freedom.

And all those supporters of Arundhati Roy and Binayak Sen go and search what's the punishment for 'sedition' in China. If you love dictatorship then have courage to face a punishment of dictatorship. You can't even accept a democratic judgement and want to create a dictatorship in the country. Can you accept death sentence Mr. Sen when you were not even able to accept life-term. Think of it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Microsoft Introduces Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced an early look of its next version of windows at the 2011 Inernational Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 5, 2011.

This new version supports System on a chip architecture (SoC). This means that windows 8 will work very fine on Arm based machines and handhelds.

It should be noted that neither Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer nor Steven Sinofsky(president of Windows and Windows live division at Microsoft) has used the term Windows 8. Instead they called it the next version of Windows. Actual brand of the product is yet to be decided. But since the term Windows 8 is widely used over Internet for the upcoming version of windows, I have labelled it as Windows 8.

The new version is expected to support 128 bit computing. We only had upto 64 bit OS till Windows 7. Both Intel and AMD (Processor manufacturers) are working hard with Microsoft to make a new improved system for the users.

I hope they soon release this version for public use. People are eagerly waiting for its new version. I guess and am pretty sure about it that the name will be Windows 8. Its already popular !

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Samir and Dolly Bindra out of Big boss

Dolly Bindra out ! what a releif !! but samir ?? what's wrong with big boss ?

Samir soni and Dolly Bindra has been finally thrown out of Bigg Boss 4. However, fans including me are not happy over Samir's exit. Samir is very disappointed and said, it sucks to be out at a stage where he could have made it to the finals. Its not easy for him.

Talking about the journey in Big Boss he said it was fabulous and he had great time over there. He feels the basic reason behind his exit is fans not voting enough for him. When asked about who disappointed him the most in Big Boss 4 he said it was Manoj Tiwari. He was expecting manoj to be in finals but he got out even before him.

Talking about Dolly Bindra he said she is a bit crazy. On Khali he said that he has a sharp mind and he is enjoying a paid vacation.

When asked who could be the winner he said it could be Shweta Tiwari.

Well I am extremely happy over Dolly Bindra being thrown out again but I am not fully convinced with Samir out of Big Boss. What do you think ? comment.