Sunday, January 2, 2011

Samir and Dolly Bindra out of Big boss

Dolly Bindra out ! what a releif !! but samir ?? what's wrong with big boss ?

Samir soni and Dolly Bindra has been finally thrown out of Bigg Boss 4. However, fans including me are not happy over Samir's exit. Samir is very disappointed and said, it sucks to be out at a stage where he could have made it to the finals. Its not easy for him.

Talking about the journey in Big Boss he said it was fabulous and he had great time over there. He feels the basic reason behind his exit is fans not voting enough for him. When asked about who disappointed him the most in Big Boss 4 he said it was Manoj Tiwari. He was expecting manoj to be in finals but he got out even before him.

Talking about Dolly Bindra he said she is a bit crazy. On Khali he said that he has a sharp mind and he is enjoying a paid vacation.

When asked who could be the winner he said it could be Shweta Tiwari.

Well I am extremely happy over Dolly Bindra being thrown out again but I am not fully convinced with Samir out of Big Boss. What do you think ? comment.

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