Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'Tees Maar Khan' a big disappointment !!

While I have written on various issues this is the first time I am going to write something on movies. I personally like movies very much and this is my favorite past time. But due to too much busy schedule I was not able to watch any movie for the past two months. This was also due to the fact that my computer was not working properly and I prefer to watch movies on my PC.

As my computer was not working I decided to go to cinema hall to watch 'Tees Maar Khan' on Christmas. I was very excited to watch this movie because of its name. I have heard this name many times before in my mothers village where a old person has been named 'tees maar khan' by some naughty children. So this was another reason for my excitement to watch this movie.

When the movie started, my excitement increased and I thought "wow this was the movie I really wanted to see." Opening scenes where Tees Maar Khan's mother was watching movie of a thief and how that little Tees Maar Khan was learning those thievery acts inside his mothers womb were awesome. And then came the sachin's scene where he described how he catches Ismail (pronounced 'Smile' in the Movie) and 'Master India' but failed to catch 'Tabrez Khan' aka 'Tees Maar Khan'. These were very good and hilarious scenes and best part of the movie. Afterwards movie was 'bakwaas' right from akkis entry where he escaped by opening his handcuffs using hair clips of a girl on the airport. You need to switch off your mind to believe in that scene that he really did escape using that hair-clip. Movie was forcing me to believe that Tees Maar khan is really such a big 'chor'. But none of his acts looked like he was such a great thieve with so much name and fame. The way he looted the train was also a 'faltu' way and nothing special there. I don't recommend this movie to watch and waste your money. The movie was also loudy at some parts and it made me feel irritated.

I was expecting that movie will feature a thieve who will make big thievery all over the world in some unique style. But he did such a silly loot of train, in that stupid village, with that stupid trick which in real world is not even possible, unless every person in this country become so dumb like those villagers and that actor Adarsh Kapoor (Akshay Khanna).

However, I must credit movie makers for their good opening scenes and nice songs. Title Song and "Sheila ki Jawani' has already rocked the country. And that song "sheila..." has already created controversy in some parts of the country giving some extra boost to the movie.

I would suggest Farah Khan to work on story rather than decorating scenes. I came to know that like other bollywood movies this was also a copy of some foreign movie. I suggest film makers to come with orignal stuffs. That works !!!

Its only my opinion. Please comment what do you think.

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