Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Ibibo Messenger

Ibibo has recently launched a very good messenger for Indians. I think its one of the best messenger available for Indians. Earlier we only had yahoo and 'rediff bol' as choice but now ibibo can be our another choice. I am sure it will get popular very soon. Ibibo is already a very popular online gaming and social networking site especially among Indians.

[Image: Snapshot of Ibibo Messenger taken on my computer running windows 7. Messenger is signed in with my Id at Ibibo. You can enlarge image by clicking it to view the details. Warning:Not to be copied]

This messenger has a very good interface and application runs very fast on my computer. It launches very quick and navigation is easy unlike yahoo, msn or rediff bol. Sign in also doesn't takes any time. In rediff bol and yahoo many users suffer sign in failure. You can also play your favorite ibibo games right through the messenger application. However, it is still in beta and final release is expected to come soon.

Ibibo has worked great to build this ultra soft messenger and I have become a fan of this. You must try it !!

You can download it here:

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