Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You got Yahoo Buzz working on your site the right way ?............u are one of the few lucky ones then, or maybe you are one of the few sites invited for the closed doors beta testing. Well, the service is now open to the public, and Yahoo say that publishers can submit their stories or articles to let their users vote for it just like Stumble Upon.

At first the sign up process sounds very easy, if you already have a Yahoo account you can use it to sign-up for their "Buzz" social news bookmarking service, another thing that makes people go for it right away is that Yahoo Buzz community has a lot of very nice people, which is way better from what Dig offers, where the community is just an online social news portal full of geeks, nerds, and want a bee’s, that only concern is tech stuff.

The Code.

Yes, you can just copy and paste the code on your website or blog... But, they forgot to tell you that even the easy code need customization. Now, if you really want to customize the code, so it will work automatically with your article pages, you can by following the instruction. Then, the only thing you need to do is to submit your content to Yahoo Buzz or way until someone does it for you. Yes, one simple click and done, or least that's their promise!

The Hook.

Come on, did you think Yahoo will invest money to build a powerful social bookmarking site without a hook? They know that for the service to have the viral marketing effect it needs to be a strong one, which in the case of the search giant, by just promising that your site will be on their Buzz service is enough, knowing the amount of traffic they receive every day. But, they wanted to make it irresistible, so they come out with an even better deal. If your story or article get popular enough by getting a lot of buzzed up from users, your article can be feature on the Yahoo homepage, how crazy that can be, eh! What a hook!

Excellent social media marketing tool, because of the web traffic power that can deliver to your site is huge, maybe will not give you SEO help but the traffic that you can get from the site along is more than enough.

So, Why Yahoo Buzz Sucks?

The answer is simple, because none of those things can work if your content can't get Buzzed! The buttons don't work, their story submission form don't work, which make all those promises a bunch of crap.

You can expect to use a web 2.0 or social media marketing tool if it doesn't work... Come on guys, let's put some smart people work on it and fix this social news site that has the potential to be way more popular than Dig and Stumble Upon.

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In Conclusion: Don't take my advice and just don't try it, you should try it, you may get lucky or you may be better than me at HTML and XML, and you can make the site work for you. Remember that innovative thinking needs to be part of your online business plan, and Buzz can really give you web 2.0 marketing efforts a boost

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