Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It’s always wise to speak to a doctor/ dermatologist or at least a beauty therapist. You might need changing your diet or addressing a hormonal imbalance.

However some basics I am providing here. Maintain your 3 step cycle of cleansing, toning and moisturizing morning and night, using a scrub at least once a week will remove dead skin debris which can clog your pores further, try a mask as well Peyote makes an excellent drawing out mask.

When it comes to make up, use a foundation which is (obviously) oil free but also (very important) non-comodogenic and non-acnedogenic, this will prevent blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that can be caused by make-up.

The kind of foundation you buy will also depend on the finish you want. If you want to mattify your skin a powder-based/ pancake foundation with those qualities I mentioned above will work best because the powder particles absorb oil a lot better.

If you're after a more natural finish but still want coverage a liquid foundation (again, with those properties I mentioned before) will work well. The liquid foundations melt much more easily into the skin so they give a much more radiant, natural finish. Applying it with your *clean* fingers will give you an even better result.

If you're after top quality, Clinique is wonderful. They have over 36 different types of foundations at least 10 of which are for your skin type, in many forms, so you can see if you like solid make up or liquid more. If you want something that will still work but won't break the bank, Revlon Color stay makeup for Oily/ Combination Skin (liquid) is what I use for everyday and it has fantastic coverage with a very natural finish. Their pancake is also very good.

When it comes to the zit end of the equation, foundation can't do it all. A concealer is your best weapon. You can use a green stick to neutralize the redness of your spots and then cover with some foundation and a little brush or another concealer that matches your skin tone.

Never bulk up your make up, that includes foundation “and” concealer. You won't hide the imperfections completely, what you need to do is minimize them and draw attention away from them. This is easily achieved with matt products and colors that “match” (a concealer that is too light/ dark will “draw” the eye to your flaws).

And remember, for any skin problem: "Chin up and a concealer in your pocket." The rest will take of itself.

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