Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie Downloads online

To download movies online you need to either pay or download it free from sites. Some sites ask money for each movie. Some ask for membership fee and some allows you free downloads.

legitimate membership movie viewing internet site is going to allow you to download movies for your personal library. Hulu is a great site for instant access to movies and TV episodes from virtually all era's of visual media. They offer cheap rates and you can choose the resolution for most of their videos. They also offer a desktop application interface.

If you want to download movies i suggest you research bit torrents and bit torrent sites. You will not find to many 1080p download movies, they are simply too large. Many of them will however be available at 720p. If you choose to follow this path do it at your own risk.

Here I must warn you that if you are downloading movies from torrents then you must be careful. You should not download copyright contents cuz its illegal. You can be jailed if caught. These days cyber army is very smart in catching people downloading copyright files via torrents. Some good torrent host are piratebay, demonoid, mastitorrents, etc.

If you really want to download movies without worrying about getting caught, here is what I suggest:

1. Rent a movie at your local library. They are usually free.

2. Copy it with DVDshrink.

You have no risk of getting a virus this way.

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