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Indian religions are the related religious traditions that originated in the Indian subcontinent, namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, inclusive of their sub-schools and various related traditions. Indian religions have similarities in core beliefs, modes of worship, and associated practices, mainly due to their common history of origin and mutual influence.

dharma is an Indian spiritual and religious term that means one's righteous duty, or any virtuous path.

This is a Politcal revolution aimed to take back India from the semi-colonial rulers (Congress) give it back to the people and to serve the best interest of dharmic values law universal to all people. The current system is designed to further the difference between rich and poor, between educated and the poor, a system thats designed by corrupt ideology that is undermining indian civilisation, education, morality in society in urban and rural areas across India. The current rise in Moaist revolution is the direct creation in the corrupt system in play, the rich get richer the poor get pooer. This is to avoid a possible civil war in the future.

The education, the media, the administration, the goverment itself are all a product of a 18th British Occupation. An occupation that lead to to massive poverty, the destruction of indian industries, the corrupt regime of politics and the biased education system.

The current policitical system was designed from the corrupt origins of the British Empire, and as a result we have a india where the rich have been decieved into a western education hid within it the denial and destruction of indian culture indian unity indian development.

This is the mandate of the DHARMIC PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF INDIA :

To replace western education system thereby avoiding a new caste the english speaking indian. We aim to unify india not seperate it even more. Hindi will replace all media, all business, commerse, all administration. To strengthen and solidy Indian culture and unity. However local languages like tamil, punjabi, bengal, gujerati will be second lanuages taught alongside Hindi. Increase in culteral and national media pride. English will be restricted to Upper tier educaition and management in direct dealing with foriegn matters.

Secular will be replaced with interest in Dharma. Conversions of any faith will be against the law. Christian missionary schools (who have rejected calls to include indian culteral classes) will be replaced entirely. Islamic madrass classes will cease to exist. The education system is designed to reflet true indian history thereby creating indian unity. Dharmic values of peace, non violence, complete tolerance of faiths, banning converions thereby creating trust and unity will be the underlinig principle of indian education. The core syllabus of the education system, history, culture, yoga, lanuage, maths, science will be universal throughout india in all castes. Caste classifaction will also be replced. The degradation of indian history by western intererest will be replaced with honouring our past with the truth. In creating true democracy.

The media the most powerful organisation that is not accoutable to anyone or benefits anyone will be under the guidelines of Dharmic social integration. Restrict the sexualisation of the youth, restrict biased and unfounded journalism that creates friction and unity in the people. The internet will be restricted to out right ban porn and violent content. This is to create a respectful culture based on good values, to create a soceity free from fears of rape, of sexual abuse, of gang violence, creating long term happiness and content within all ages of the population. The young generation cannot be exposed to explicit images destroying innocence and adding to the social unrest. As adults we have choice,but children are products of soceity. Create a society which will realise the importants of values, restricting the internet wont be TROJAN horse thats creates a sub-culture. We aim to reduce social unrest not increase social immorality.

The health, well fare, safety of all people will be provided by the Dharmic government no person will go without food because of high government prices.Productivity and profit will give way to make sure the peoples wellfare does not suffer. Thereby solidyfing families and futures who can contribute to the Dharma. To stop the brain drain from leaving India, by replacing english it should help doctors to remain within their languge land. That knowledge will be redirected to aid indian wellfare by provding free health care to everyone. In the long run any costs will be reclaimed in social rest and harmany. Everyone deserves treatment if available.

The creation of National Group Dharmic Engineers Company that will create Indias infrastuture. A large specialised workfoce created by DPR to fastforward infrastructure around india. stop foriegn contracts ripe for corruption.

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-adapted from youtube channel TheDharmaArmyofASIA with his permission.


  1. Sorry most of the suggestions Doesnt sound

    Specially The states with
    their own languages i.e.
    All south indian states should give preference only
    to their language and in no
    way HINDI be pushed upon
    State language would be
    first language and language of communication. Hindi may
    be the second language.

    *I like the thought that CASTE SYSTEM SHOULD BE ABOLISHED.

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