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I have lived in the UK all my life; been educated at good universities I understand the western culture, history and attitudes. I am best position to understand the role Britain played in India. Just like in Japan, when it also considered under pressure from America, to change its language to English to align Japan into a western format. But they refused taking in to consideration the loss of japans culture, unity, and traditions, for a language that will not only undermine Japanese unity but replace it with a foreign culture. In china a land with many languages, opted to unify their land under one Chinese language, they pushed this, they invested into it and today its paid off. They have a culture that first proud of their past.

The British on purpose destroyed native Indian schools, they tried their best to destroy any unity, so Sanskrit a unifying link language in India was systemically attacked and erased. (just like the Arab Islamic invasion did before them) Then Indian educational system was replaced with an Anglican racist, intolerant education system in other world the people that looted India, destroyed its industries, looted its wealth, then set up and created an education system for the Indians, but within that so called education is the systematic destruction of Indian culture and unity. If you want India to succeed we must erase English, as it was a ploy by the British to teach Indian history through their racist version. India had an education system that was for all people, every village had schools, education was very important to India, but 200 years of destroying that network by the British has created this Disney land education by the British.

So all these Indians go into an Anglican school, that was created by one of the most intolerant and racist mindsets in history and when these Indians graduate from their Anglican education they have a mentality that divides and conquers, a mentality that’s been heavily influenced by western culture.

Since, English is taught as an elite language, then all media, all government, all education is adapted to facilitate English and western culture at the expense of Indian unity. The British also created the congress party, a party that has its roots and ideology in the racist framework that was instilled by the British Empire. so a person goes to an Anglican racist school, graduates and then is given a role with the Indian media, but that person has been educated by a racist education and so many media outlets attack and degenerate Indian culture because the people that run it were raised in an Anglican pro-western education system imposed by the British . SO to unite India, we must promote Hindi as the national language, and erase English, we will create an education system that actually reflects the positives of Indian society, stop the divide and conquer rule, the so called Aryan theories told as being fact, when science has disproven it causes shame and prejudice in Indian society. By creating a history throughout India that is not based on the lines that were established by the racist British empire, will improve social unity. By making sure Indians know of only their language, will make sure intelligent Indians remain within India, like doctors, who by the racist British ploy of educating Indians in English now in the UK the NHS the health care service are run by Indians, but in India itself people are being sold abroad instead of directing their attention at home.

The vast poverty, the vast corruption was created by a system that was imposed on India by the British...then created the Indian education system. Same British that looted India. It doesn't makes sense, does it ?....Indians are mis-educated into history by their Anglican education, and in doing so the real problems the real issues and causes of India current problems are never the lowest level of society where the white racist agenda by the British has created and promoted a racial divide in India, where the government allows products to be sold to lighten skin color, where young girls are not influenced by their Indian values or traditions, but by corrupt western capitalism. And by using English we not only adopt their culture but also their negative qualities Instead of unifying India, developing our culture and language....In Britain No child is taught anything about India, but in India children are taught about Shakespeare and not an Indian poet who is ten times more gifted. If India wants to progress it needs to erase English, and unify.....even if that means promoting a Hindi national language as well as local language, and by doing such things like that we can than re-direct attention back on to developing India socially, economically and one where that reinforced Indian Identity.. the simple example would be this, the German Nazis killed, and murdered the Jews, but they then created a German education system for the Jews to be many intelligent people would consider this to a direct PLOY to further undermine Jewish people and history..??

That happens today in India....Indians must wake up, the amount of Indian students I meet in the UK, and my first question is always did you expect England to be different, and they all say yes.

Because in India the notion of England was created by the British and they glorify themselves, but in reality England is a racist, very intolerant land, even though the vast amount of Indian that work for the health care sector, racism against them is at a all-time high, Why should Indians continue with a racist Anglican system that erases the history, and values of Indian life, and replaces them with negative comments about Indian culture, where Indians are made to feel to reject their own culture ...through their Anglican education. This corrupt beginnings of India, of its education has created generation after generation of corrupt people, who have no notion of pride, honor, respect and willing to create unity and progression ...but instead preach about Marxism, who was a racist, but is told in India as a great thinker, who in India are told about Winston Churchill but he was responsible for the deaths of 4 million Indians, the great famines of India that were created by the British, the poverty you see in India today was set in place by the British System tell me why should we still continue to follow that.....the congress party has Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who are uneducated in Indian culture, in Indian traditions and even lack the education of most Indians, Rahul Gandhi is failure but is using Indians that have been raised through the western education system to make them follow his idea of western democracy and then attacks Indians calling them Hindu terrorist...This whole corrupt mindset begins with education...we should not allow people like that to dupe the Indian population...why does the west push capitalism ? Because capitalism makes them money and trade, so this Anglican Christian system facilitates that because of the vast Indian population that has been raised on English and western culture, but in reality capitalist attack religion because a religious man will not be as materialistic will not be taken in by trends, and therefore that mindset cannot promote capitalism so the British push English, and capitalism to attack faith , to attack religion as a person without religion is more likely to take interest in materialist, shallow culture that fills the pockets of the west, while undermining and destroying family unity and respect, all for money...

So capitalist , pro-western Indians will say the west is democratic but in reality they have been fed a mis-education where selling immoral vales, where selling greed, creating lust and anger and then promoting that to society to generate interest, sales, and profit, so people of India will attack political parties like the BJP calling them saffron terrorist, but in reality those saffron terrorist were the people that fought for India's Independence, they fought the British racist empire that killed millions of Indians, and they are the only ones to bring back wealth to India, but Western Indians will call them terrorists, because it’s in their Anglican English education. The divide in India is based on telling lies, and half-truth as history, and then promoting that, promoting ideas about Aryan theory as fact, and how the Christians don’t talk about the European caste system which was the most brutal in history, and the denial in Indian history book about true Indian history and achievements....this is why India is still corrupt.

The dharma republic will re-write the truth, and then preach it to our children , and when that generation is graduating they can implement the changes and bring back prosperity to every single Indian....don’t be a McCauley's Indian child, don’t let the rich middle classes be brainwashed into a racist Western mindset and then call it democracy while the poor continue to suffer, don't let McCauley's Indian children divide India up, don't let them promote a deceitful western democracy that they don't understand but are educated to promote, because it was that very system that destroyed india, that caused famine, illness, poverty ...people talk of castes system, yet it was richest system in the world, and India never suffered from famines, each caste was richer than its European counterpart and when the British came and looted every single caste, it made them poor made each generation live in poverty they looked away , when they killed the people of India's caste system, when they starved India’s caste system when they made India into a poor land, they didn’t care but today in 2011 we have to hear about how poor India is, and many Indians have no idea from where this came from , and just like their Anglican education they blame on India, and they do not have the true education to counteract the wests allegations .....the beginning of a corrupt society. BROTHERS don’t just talk about democracy understand what it is and means...

India is one of the oldest, and richest lands on earth.....we just don’t remember it that way because it was looted, why be told about Winston Churchill as a hero in India, when it’s well known he stayed 4 million Indians and didn’t one good thing to say about them, even after looting India of all its wealth...Is this the education for your child ???.....the education of our people is the most important and the only way to get out of this British created mess.....I know the Indians have the intelligence, strength to do so, but you must start to believe it!. Kick out congress type parties that allow Kashmiri terrorist to promote their ideas, the congress lack of attention in Kashmir has allowed divide and rule, the people in Kashmir want unity want to feel part of India, but instead the British created congress allows them that freedom and them attack the BJP for showing pride and honor to India and the people of Kashmir, the pro=-western Indians then attack them for being terrorists themselves, but in reality those pro-western Indians have been put through the racist, british divide and conquer education which they call demoractic but in reality it's not. Congress was created by the British!!

Forcing English onto others like the British forced onto us, is not the way forward, a language that at its root will replace all Indian languages, is the work of the racist British empire, and by promoting a united Indian history, throughout India will help people to make that change themselves, as language is the only link to your culture.....

In the same way English is the Europeans link to their culture, so if English is being forced upon India its being done to replace the link between our history , tradition and development and replacing that with English so Indians from birth will be brainwashed into a racist thinking which they will call democratic, they will promote the sexualisation of the Indian people, they will sell lust and greed to make profits but reality that will further the problems in India not better them at all...

For over 5000 years India was the richest land because of 'Dharmic' values, that says something doesn’t it, India was at its most peaceful under dharma leadership, Indians where the richest and most developed under dharma culture, India was the most tolerant under dharma ideology, this changed when the British landed and tortured the Indians into poverty and then imposed on them their racist NAZI style education.

Which the Chinese rejected, japan and almost all south Asian countries, and all have seen a united push towards development, where as India, the corrupt origins of the British education has created corrupt minds, political parties, and the media.......

So the question is this, if you think English is temporary link language at what point in the future will it cease, and are you willing to adopt another language, develop it, force western culture rather that unite under an Indian language, promote Indian unity, invest in Indian development, promote Indian ideas, and unity , develop strong Indian leadership , unify our culture, our past and bring back real wealth, or are you going to be a rich Indian who speak English, doesn’t know anything of his own culture and when around white western is seen as second class.....that’s not pride.

Give your children something other than a link or gateway to English and western culture when that culture itself did its best to destroy Indian people, culture and our very traditions, so you children won’t have to change their Indian name into Steve or Jim or john just to get a job in a India call center to help serve the west, or allow Indian children who study hard in medicine in India, but then are lured away into erode, working 10 hours a day, for a people that don’t even respect you and instead we should by helping Indians create an Indian health care system .

A united India is a threat to the west, so they use divide and conquer tactics.

A united India is a gift to Indians, in their honor, safety, pride, wealth and development which will make India return to being the richest land on earth, and instead of Indian learning English , English people will have to learn Hindi and make the effort to be more democratic around the world....

For the dharma republic of India.......we must start to unify and the truth does that.

- by TheDharmaArmyofASIA

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