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Note: This article is not intended to offend anyone. I don’t hate Pakistanis. But Pakistanis should understand that criticism is a good thing and this will help them to improve themselves. If you are a Pakistani or a person who likes Pakistan then I ask you to please don’t overreact. It’s just a thought if you disagree then you are welcome to put your points in the comment box. And if you have valid points then I guarantee that I will apologize. You are welcome to write article with your views. I will publish it on my blog.

Recently, M.J Akbar launched his new book ‘Tinder Box’, in which he has described the present state of Pakistan. Pakistanis are very much in disagreement with this book. ‘Tinder Box’ means a box that is full of explosives. According to Akbar Pakistan has become a box full of explosives, which can be destroyed anytime. Few days back Khalid Bande brother of Tarik Bande(ex-parliamentary member of Pakistan from Lahore) came to India. He said influence of radical Islam is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The killing of late governor Salman Taseer has proved it. Through his killings mullahs and orthodox Muslims have given a message that in Pakistan everything is in their hand. They have the real control of Pakistani police and security personnel. Killing of late Governor Salman Taseer has proved it. He was killed by his own security guard who was influenced by mullahs. On the appeal of mullahs in Pakistan people didn’t attended the funeral of Salman Taseer and sprinkled rose petals on his killer Mumtaz Qadri.

Salman Taseer was an open-minded person. He always represented the educated class of Pakistanis. He was against any form of communalism. He was trying to help a Christian woman who is facing death sentence for blasphemy. She was rumored to have taken water from a tap which belonged to Muslims. Due to this rumor street women quarreled with her. These women were Muslims and they lodged a false FIR against her in a local police station that she has spoken against Islam. In Pakistan if a Muslim complains against a non-Muslim for speaking against Islam, then the non-Muslim has to face death sentence. It should be noted that no evidence is required to prove that non-Muslim even spoke against Islam or not since the complaint has been made by a Muslim. Due to this reason this law is badly misused in Pakistan. Many educated young Pakistanis have spoken against it but nothing changed due to mullahs’ influence in the country. Recently, a minister of Pakistan decided to bring some change in the law. He suggested that complain should be validated before putting the non-Muslim in jail. Salman Taseer supported him openly and was also trying to help that Christian woman who was a victim of this law. His gourd however, got annoyed by this and came under the influence of mullahs. He then killed Salman Taseer in Islamabad.

In Pakistan even in big malls and shopping centers mullahs are found hovering over and warning young Muslim women to cover their body parts. It has become very difficult for a moderate muslim to live in Pakistan. Poor people have no choice and they have to live in this condition. However, rich class migrates to other countries like UAE and Malaysia. Problem with educated class is that western countries have stopped giving visas to Pakistanis. So they have no choice other than Dubai, Malaysia or Bahrain. Even in Dubai it is very difficult for a Pakistani to get work permit these days.

Sheri Sardar is still fighting for the change in law. He could be killed for his continuous effort in this regard. In these situations government must provide him extra protection. Government must get the law amended as soon as possible. All educated class must come in open to support him.

M J Akbar rightly said that if Pakistan remains in its present state for few more years then it will die. Amount of explosives inside the box is increasing so is friction. It will explode soon unless Pakistanis realize and throw away these explosives out of their Tinder Box.

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