Friday, January 21, 2011


11 days after the finish of IPL Auctions for this season, Kochi wants to approach IPL to take Saurav Ganguly in their team. If this happens then 'dada' can play in the season 4 of Indian Premier League.

However, its not easy for Kochi to take him as it would be against the rule. Only way it could happen is if all the other 9 teams gives 'no objection' to IPL for taking a player even after the auction. It is believed that IPL will change some of its norms for the new Kochi team. This could bring some hope for 'dada' to play in the IPL.

It is most likely that sourav will be playing for the Kochi team. Sreesanth is in the same team. It would be interesting to see both playing together.

Meanwhile, reports are coming out that BCCI is not happy with IPL for not taking Sourav Ganguly. BCCI has intervened and asked IPL to reconsider three players that remained unsold in the IPL auctions namely Sourav Ganguly, V R V Singh and Wasim Zafar.

So, the chances are high for Sourav Ganguly to play in this tournament. Lets hope he plays.

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