Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Minister Killed in Pakistan for Advocating Anti-Blashphemy Law

Shahbaz Bhatti, minorities minister of Pakistan, was killed today by extremist for advocating anti-blashphemy law.  This is not the first that has happened in Pakistan. Earlier late governor of Pakistan Salman Taseer has also been assassinated in similar way and for the same reason.

Bhatti was a Christian and was strongly against the blasphemy laws. He was also working with late Salman Taseer for the welfare of minority community in Pakistan. According to the reports he was shot down by four gunmen at close range as he left his home today in Islamabad. He was with his niece when he was shot dead.

The gunmen pulled his niece and guard from vehicle and then shot him inside the car several times. The minister was sent immediately to the local hospital but he was pronounced dead.

As per reports some pamphlets were left behind by the gunmen which has been signed by a group fidayin-e-muhammad and al-qaida in punjab.

Human rights campaigners reacted strongly over his killing. But the fact is killers also have huge support within pakistani people. This clearly shows the present state of Pakistan. As per surveys most minorities in Pakistan wants to leave the country due to Muslim extremism.

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