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watch hindi movie angel online free 2011. New bollywood movie angel. 

Producer Ganesh Acharya 

Director Ganesh Acharya 

Music Amjad Nadeem 

Writer Mauzzam Beg 

Lyrics Shabbir Ahmed 

Release Date 11-Feb-2011


If you thought Ganesh Acharya had done his worst in Money Hai Toh Honey Hai, Angel is going to be a surprise! A film on a very sensitive subject, Angel turns out to be a complete disaster in every aspect - from casting to execution.

A freak accident involving Abhay (Nilesh) kills a person. Abhay is sent to prison for two years but when he gets out. He remains the irresponsible and irritating chap. Though his family clearly tells him that he is not required in the house Abhay shamelessly hangs on, without understanding that people don't like him. His friends too show him the door. He finally finds a friend in the daughter of the deceased victim. Sonal (Maddalsa) too has no friends as she is suffering from cerebral palsy. Her brother and sister in law stay in a posh house while she is kept with a maid in a chawl.

Angel could have been a tear jerker love story. But the film is marred by a bad screenplay. The characters are never established. You fail to understand why Abhay, who comes out of the jail after a 2-year sentence, never behaves sensibly but instead continues being an idiot. In the meantime Sonal's condition is also not explained and neither does she evoke empathy. The entire first half is lost without any progress in the story. The second half has one single twist, which too is badly handled to have any impact. Ideally the twist should have come around interval to help the pace and sustain the interest. The dialogues too are unworthy.

The editing is loose. The look of the film is probably the only thing good as it has been shot decently. The songs are not good enough to stay in your mind once you are out of the theatre. And the background music, which has been done by the veteran Aadesh Shrivastav, is absolutely out of place.

Performances are forgettable. Nilesh Sahay will need a lot more than his lineage to survive. He is bad and tries too hard to walk like his uncle Sanjay Dutt. The blame should go squarely on him and the director! Maddalsa Sharma, who has done South Indian films before, is inconsistent. It is a tough role that she plays though she has very few dialogues. She fails to do justice to the physical impairment.

Overall, Angel is a bad attempt at filmmaking. It needed a director who could have handled emotions and tough situation better and Ganesh Acharya does not seem to make the grade.

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